The Benefits of 2020

The Benefits of 2020

If there’s one thing we’ve collectively learned about ourselves throughout the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it’s that humans as a species are incredibly resilient. Beyond learning that our tolerance level is much higher than we’d ever imagined, there are plenty of other benefits of the pandemic — many people are living a more back to basics, simple life than they were before as a direct result of changes caused by the coronavirus.


While isolation with no end in sight can get even the most optimistic person down sometimes, it’s important to focus on the good. Here are just some of the benefits people have experienced because of the pandemic.


We’re Learning How to Cook Again


With the rise of microwave meals, instant foods, and drive-thrus on every block, society as a whole had fallen out of the habit of cooking. But that all changed when the pandemic hit. People who would pick up breakfast on the way to the office suddenly found themselves with a new morning routine, and running out for lunch also abruptly stopped.


For those who used to spend any disposable income on meal delivery or take-out, a reduction in work or losing their jobs meant Friday night take out had to stop. Health officials asked people to stay home whenever possible, and people listened.


This drastic change in lifestyle has sent more people back into the kitchen — the heart — of the home. Not only does preparing meals at home mean you know exactly what’s going into the dish you’ve prepared, but you can more easily control portion sizes. Plus, making food at home is up to five times more affordable than dining out.


In an effort to continue supporting local businesses, many people signed up for meal delivery kits or farm share produce boxes. This has many newly minted home chefs experimenting with new flavours, recipes, and ingredients they might not have otherwise.


We’re Connecting With Family & Friends


Having less opportunity to spend time with family and friends in person has had an interesting effect — people are actually connecting more now than ever before. Online tools have made it easy for people to rekindle friendships and stay connected with loved ones across the globe.


In addition, people hung around their homes this summer, giving them ample opportunity to connect with neighbours and those in their community — outside, and from a safe distance.


We’re Prioritizing Our Health


It’s a lot easier to prioritize your wellbeing when you aren’t commuting several hours a day for your job. For many people, working from home has allowed them the opportunity to prioritize their health in a way they never could before.


People now have time to engage in healthful pursuits such as exercise or mindfulness practices. Or, they’re taking walks around the neighbourhood as a way to break up the day.


People have also gotten back some time to actually make appointments to see their doctor — whether in-person or virtually — for health problems that may have been troubling them for some time, but that they never “had the time” to take care of.


Finally, being forced to slow way, way down in such a hurry is allowing people to really check in with themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to discover what areas of their life could use some attention.


We’re Evaluating What’s in Our Life


The life-and-death nature of the COVID-19 virus has brought many people to terms with their own mortality. This has many people evaluating what they want to keep in their lives — everything from material possessions to relationships.


For those who’ve lost everything due to job loss or some other impact of the virus, there’s an added element of understanding on a deeper level what is enough, and what’s just nice to have.


Groups of people are truly learning the difference between their wants and their needs, realizing that it doesn’t take all that much to be really happy. This epiphany is resulting in people living a more simple way of life.


We’re Getting Organized


All this time in our homes has many people making their castle more livable — which includes organizing every nook, cranny, and junk drawer in their space.


Shows like Netflix’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” and “Get Organized With The Home Edit” have become wildly popular during the pandemic — not only for their binge-worthy entertainment value, but for the creative organizing ideas they come up with. This further highlights the above point of people evaluating the things in their life and deciding what they want to take up space in their home.


We’re Helping Others


Finally, one of the biggest benefits of the pandemic is that we’re helping one another. There’s been a real sense of community and giving back that’s developed since lockdowns and restrictions began.


People have donated needed supplies such as food and masks, or their time — such as hosting outdoor community fitness or music classes. Businesses pivoted to produce hand sanitizer and PPE for frontline workers, while restaurants and chefs are ensuring those on the frontlines of the pandemic have access to healthy meals.


There’s no shortage of these types of good news stories as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic — a bright spot in an otherwise dark and gloomy year.


These positive aspects of the pandemic align with our brand values of C.A.R.E. — C.onnection, A.ppreciation, R.everence, and E.ncouragement. Even when life seems challenging, caring for others can give you a sense of purpose and hope that there are better days ahead.

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